• PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor
  • 0-50 mV Output
  • Voltage Excitation
  • Gage, Absolute, and Differential
  • Temperature Compensated
The 1220 is a temperature compensated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a dual-in-line configuration and intended for cost sensitive applications where excellent performance and long-term stability are required.
When using the 1220 with a fixed voltage reference and current set resistor as shown in the application schematic, a span of 50mV and 1% interchangeability can be achieved. Integral temperature compensation is provided over a range of 0-50°C using laser-trimmed resistors. Gage, absolute, and differential pressure ranges from 0-2 psi to 0-100 psi are available. Multiple lead and tube configurations are available for specific applications.
Please refer to the 1220 1psi datasheet for low pressure applications. For current excitation, please refer to the Model 1210.